Boost Conversions with Top AI Chatbots for Businesses

Best AI Chatbots for Businesses to Increase Conversions

Many companies are switching to Al-Chatbots these days to provide real time service to their customers. In respect of the demand, their production has also been increased by many promising companies that provide the same product, hence, the competition.

The companies are launching Al-Chatbots to carry out 1:1 human-like conversations unlike the first generation chatbots that were rigid and delivered awful customer experience. They were very limited and gave resolutions for just the common scenarios, whereas, Al-powered chatbots are capable of carrying out a natural conversation for a variety of circumstances and are still improving with time.

The only difference between both of them is, basic chatbot used bot-prompted keywords or UX responses to deliver the answers in a conversation, while, Al-powered chatbots uses leverage semantics and natural language processing to understand, hence, providing more appropriate and accurate results.

Further, without ado, here is the list.

Best Al Chatbots Platforms for your Business:



Netomi offers the best customer experience Al platform as it resolves the customer’s query tickets automatically on email, messaging, chat, or voice and has the highest accuracy. Its advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine, backend system integrations, multi-lingual and sentimental analysis enable it to resolve 70% of the customer’s queries without any human intervention. It is easy to learn and has amazing integrations and all of this together make it the number one Al chatbot company that is currently working with leading industries like Freshly, Circles Life, HP, Brex, and many more.



atSpoke is an internal ticketing system that has a built-in Al chatbot. This makes it convenient for the employees to attain the required knowledge as well as five times faster in providing resolutions within the internal departments. It answers 40% of the queries immediately and automatically without human intervention. It answers the questions of the employees by surfacing knowledge base content through the channels they are using on daily basis like Microsoft Team, Google Drive, etc. Other key features include automated routing, reporting and analysis, alerts and escalations, and multi-channeled (email, chat, SMS).



WP-Chatbot is giving thousands of websites live and webchat facility as it is the most popular Al chatbot in the WordPress ecosystem. It provides this capability via Messenger chat widget by integrating Facebook business page and powers. It is a one-click installation with a single box for all the incoming messages that makes responding to them more convenient and manageable. Moreover, it is compatible with all the versions of WordPress, hence, everyone can install it to provide seamless customer service to their users and buyers.